"Rumba" cleans the hair loss of a giant cat at Shinjuku Station.New video from November 2nd

A 3D huge cat of the street vision, which is a new famous spot for Shinjuku Station, enters the hair change season.Although hair loss has occurred in large quantities, the video "#Cat on the Rumba", which is cleaned by the robot vacuum cleaner "Rumba", will be broadcast on November 2.

The street vision address is 3-23-18 Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku cross Shinjuku building roof.The video of "#Cat and Rumba" will be broadcast from November 2 to December 31 ( * the period may be changed).The broadcast time is a video of 30 seconds a day from 2 minutes and 15 seconds per hour between 7:00 and 25:00.


This is a collaboration between Irobot Japan, which works on Rumba and the cross -street cross Shinjuku Vision, which is the first original animation for cats at the east exit of Shinjuku in the first corporate collaboration.


Since November is a cat's hair change season, I want to leave Rumba to clean pets and improve my time with pets.Is realized.

In the video, a cat at the East Exit of Shinjuku cleaning a large amount of hair loss that shakes his body and splattered, and Rumba's popular model "Rumba I3" cleans.The cat is curious about Rumba for the first time, and while touching the approaching Rumba with Chong Chung, he ignores it and continues to clean it.It is a must -see for the cat at the end that the cat squeals.

In addition, the Rumba i3, which appears this time, is equipped with a step sensor, which detects the floor to avoid falling, and a realistic reproduction of the movement behind the rumba that looks through the transparent floor.

In the fall, the i robot carried out large -scale rebranding since its establishment on a global scale.In order to fulfill the wishes of living with pets with pets in the new time by leaving the cleaning to Rumba, the three popular models "Rumba E5", "Rumba I3", which are popular since October 8, "Rumba I3".The price revision of "Rumba I3+" and the post campaign "Wish to Rumba" is being implemented.

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