In "Yumekuro", you will win the autographed paper of 31 gorgeous voice actors such as Yuto Uemura!

In the latest work of the dream world series of GCREST, "Dream Craftsman and Forgotten Black Fairy (Yumekuro)", an autographed colored paper present campaign of 31 voice actors has started.

The original release text is posted below.

A total of 31 autographed colored paper present campaigns for the voice actors who play the Meisters will be held! Comments have arrived from the voice actors! Yuto Uemura, who plays the role of Crow, said, "The story colored by the gorgeous cast with full voice is spectacular and sure to be heard."

The dream-spinning fantasy profession RPG "Dream Craftsman and Forgotten Black Fairy" (hereinafter "Yumekuro") provided by GCREST, Inc. will start a sign present campaign for voice actors who play Meisters.

"Yumekuro" is a smartphone game app whose genre is "Fantasy occupation RPG that spins dreams". This work is a new story set in the same "dream world" as the smartphone puzzle RPG "Dream Kingdom and the 100 Sleeping Princes" released in March 2015, from a different era and angle from "Dream 100". I'm drawing the world of. In addition, this work will be jointly distributed with bilibili, which develops one of the largest online entertainment services in China. Since "Dream 100" has exceeded 12 million downloads worldwide and has been widely accepted, we will deliver this work to as many people as possible through joint distribution with bilibili on the premise of global expansion.

Overview of the Meister Autographed Shikishi Present Campaign for a total of 31 people

We will carry out an autograph gift campaign of 31 voice actors who will play the Meister who will appear as a playable character when the game application is distributed. From January 24, 2022 (Monday), as the first step, we will start a sign present campaign of 5 voice actors including Yuto Uemura, who plays the role of Crow in the monthly guild, and the impression that he played. We have released comments on questions related to and Meister. The autograph campaigns and comments of the voice actors who will play the Meisters who will appear in the initial playables of all 11 guilds will be announced on the official Twitter of "Yumekuro". In addition, the release schedule for the second and subsequent releases will be released in advance.

・ Period: January 24th (Monday) -February 28th (Monday), 2022 23:59


・ Present contents: Crow role, Yusho Uemura autographed paper ... 1 person Itsuki, Matsuoka Sadasuke autographed paper ... 1 person Grand Flair, Kato Kazuki autographed paper ... 1 person Rouge, Shota Aoi autographed Shikishi ... 1 person Noah, Ayumu Murase autographed Shikishi ... 1 person

・ How to apply (1) Follow "Yumekuro" official Twitter (@yumekuro_info) (2) Retweet the relevant tweets

January 27th (Thursday) -February 28th (Monday), 2022 Dream spinning / Adele role, Eiji Takemoto, Mary Rose role, Hiroyuki Yoshino

January 30th (Sun) -February 28th (Sun), 2022 Magia Seminar / Est, Soma Saito, Kai, Taku Yashiro, Zion, Haruki Ishiya, Guy, Koutaro Nishiyama

February 1st (Tuesday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2022 Gastronomy / Oscar role Takehito Koyasu, Kuhen role Yuichiro Umehara, Kui role Tomohito Takatsuka, Rich role Katsuyuki Miura

February 3rd (Thursday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2022 Tsunehana / Asahi, Takeaki Masuyama, Shiranui, Kosuke Toriumi, Mikage, Gakuto Kajiwara, Aoi, Masatomo Nakazawa

February 5th (Sat) -February 28th (Sun), 2022 Beyond the Rainbow / Lagoon role, Tarusuke Shingaki, Towa role, Toshiki Masuda, Link role, Natsuki Hanae

February 7th (Monday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2022 Chevalier / Emilio role Atsushi Tamaru, Cyrus role Shin Furukawa

February 9th (Wednesday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2022 Magic Den Yugi / Kinis role, Shou Nogami

February 12th (Sat) -February 28th (Sun), 2022 Prims Club / Camu role Hiroki Yasumoto, Ymir role Takuya Sato, Victor role Kenjiro Tsuda

February 14th (Monday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2022 Shota Takasaki as Fata Musica / Kent

February 16th (Wednesday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2022 Hound Sweeper / Taiten Kusunoki as Lucos, Tomoaki Maeno as Duste

* The above schedule is subject to change without notice. Please note.