I washed my iPhone X with water.Result is……

Although it was not available on the iPhone X, it was not available on the release date, but a few days later, I used it for about two and a half weeks.

In my case, my Face ID, which was a little worried, can be used comfortably without failing to authenticate.A new UI without a pros and cons, you can get used to it in a few hours of use and do not seem to be particularly inconvenient (in terms of strength, the end of the task is a little troublesome, I would like to introduce this in another article).

I usually have an Apple genuine case.If you are worried, please review it.

I'm worried about dust and hand dirt!

That's why the iPhone X, which is used almost without dissatisfaction, is still more noticeable, and a little nervous place is often cleaned.

Border of glass film

Dirty dirt, such as around the camera lens, becomes a tree

Most dirt will be removed when wiped with a cloth, but if you use it for two weeks, there will be "not noticeable but somehow dirty" in the protected glass, edge, the seam between glass and stainless steel.come.I'm worried about this.

So, I thought, "I feel good if I wash it with water."The waterproof performance of the iPhone X is equivalent to the iPhone 8.For more details, see this article in this article, but in terms of specifications, it should not break if you wash it a little.

However, since it is on the catalog, I do not know that I will not actually try it.I decided to try it.

 iPhone Xを水で洗ってみました。結果は……

The power will be turned off

Just in case, remove the power.How to turn on the power supply is to press and hold one of the "power button + volume up and down".

Wash water!

At first I was washing a little bit

Let's sprinkle with terrifying water.Previously, I was a little scared because I washed a certain terminal that sang waterproof and broke.

I am spending water on the way from the middle.Be careful not to get too strong!

Even if it is a little bit, the dirt will not remove, so it will be exciting.In addition, since the display of the grade of waterproof performance is the notation for "fresh water", hot water may be dangerous.You should also avoid using soap or detergent.Packing may deteriorate.Nevertheless, the detergency is not allowed in cold winter, so I tried it with 35 degrees lukewarm water.

It looks like a new one

It has returned to a new shine.After all, it feels good when you wash it with water.

I'm sorry that the photo was shaken

I'm sorry for the photo because I took it in a hurry.The power is turned on without any problems, and there are no problems such as touch panels, speakers, cameras and sensors.Also, about 5 days have passed since today's water washing, but there is no particular problem.

At your own risk!

Here are some points to keep in mind and what you have noticed.Probably, unless you apply a very strong water flow or soak in water for a long time, it will not break, but there is no warranty for the failure due to submerging, and if it is broken due to water washing.Note that the expensive repair fee is charged.Apple is not recommended, and it is not recommended as an editorial department, so when you wash it with water, do it at your own risk.

This time, I turned off the power and washed it evenly with a weak water flow from 8 sides.Water is applied to speakers, calling microphones, sound collection microphones, Lightning port, and SIM slot, and there is no problem in particular, so iPhone X seems to be able to evaluate that it has high waterproof performance.At least you don't have to worry about raining a little.Even if you spill a drink, it is unlikely that if you treat it properly, it will break down immediately.

However, in this article, we assumed that water has entered the inside and terminals, so we wiped off the water as much as possible before turning on the power, and lightly tap the water in the speakers and terminals (dryer.I do not dry it in).We also avoid charging for about half a day after washing with water.If you connect a charging cable with water left in the terminal, an unexpected current may flow.

In this article, I tried it because of the meaning of the experiment, and I was able to actually confirm the waterproof performance of the iPhone X, but it is better to avoid intentional washing.In addition, it is recommended that you wipe off the water in the unlikely event that it gets wet and avoid charging until it seems to be completely dry.