I know "sucking cats", but what are "cats" or "cat star"!?Birth one after another, Chinese related to cats

"Cat sucking" -Nebuts are commonly used among cat lovers in Japanese cats as an act of breathing in the body of the cat, but a word in Taiwan has been used for several years.started.It is a "suck cat".I pronounce it with Simao.

"Fucking cat OK" at the restaurant entrance

In Chinese, like Japanese, new words are born more and more.In Taiwan, there are many people who enjoy Japanese TV, so many words that have Japanese language come in as foreign words.For example, "fine", "okay", "popular", "sorry", etc.It is a word that is not originally found in Chinese, but in modern times it has been used in Taiwan because of Japan.There are times when buzz words on Twitter in Japan are used as they are.


One of them has been "suck cats (Simao)" in recent years.The meaning is, as suggested, the "cat sucking" in Japanese.

If you like cats, you know, but cats have a unique smell and become a habit.

A few months ago, I stopped at a hamburger store with three signs in Taipei, but there was a sign on the signboard on the table.The cats in this shop were familiar with people, and some children looked at the PCs sitting at the counter.

For commercial cats snacks, "Let's suck a cat"

The package of a commercial cat snack on the market also has the word "sucking cat".The description "Insulator -sucked cats".Translated, "Let's suck a cat without smoking cannabis."In Chinese, ingesting illegal drugs is called "Seedo", but it was interesting to have a "cats (Simao)", so it was so good.

"Cat" evolves and "cat star"!?

The word I liked most in Chinese related to cats is "Maonu".It means "cat slave" as you can imagine from the letters.In short, a "cat stupid person" who loves cats and feels happy even if they are treated like a cats like a cats.Since I am a good cat, I use this word for SNS hashtags.

In addition to these, new words for cats are being born more and more on the Internet, and the sounds that are made when the cats are happy are expressed as "Foolu", applied to the kanji of similar sounds.There seems to be the word "Maosinlen" as an evolution system of "cat".

My 8th year living in Taiwan, I have been living with cats in Taiwan for a year.When I learned a foreign language, I couldn't easily remember words that were not related to my life, and I didn't know much before cat -related Chinese.Since my life with cats began, I began to see cat -related content on the Internet, and the number of Chinese vocabulary about cats has increased dramatically.It is likely that you will continue to learn many words about cats in Taiwan.