「好きすぎて噛んでる!?」背後から弟猫を襲う兄猫 「す、すごい愛情だね」「重い愛w」

A video of an older brother cat biting a brother and cat attracted attention on Twitter (provided by Mr. Kotatsu, captured from Twitter)

 「好きすぎて噛んでる!?」背後から弟猫を襲う兄猫 「す、すごい愛情だね」「重い愛w」

"I'm eating too much about my cat and my brother cat because I like it ... (I have a heavy love)."Kotatsumire).What was reflected there was a brown cat who bitten a gray cat!?I like it too much, but what happened?I asked the owner.[Video] The brown cat who sees an older brother who attacks his brother and cat is called Norwegian and Saberian MIX, and his brother Kotatsukun.One and a half years old boy.On the other hand, the gray cat is Ragamafin's younger brother, Tsumirau.I'm a one -year -old boy, but Tsumori -kun, who was bitten, is ringing "Nya -oh" ...The number of videos has exceeded 1.2 million, and some people are surprised at the shocking appearance of the two animals.In particular, Kotatsukun, who attacks Tsumire -kun, has received many comments such as "Su, it's a great affection," "heavy love," "I like it too much."Why did Kotakun -kun have Tsumri -kun?I asked the owner's Kotatsu Merenge about the shooting.

The older brother cat who came out to the brother cat who was drinking water ... It was sweet.

――A video of a shock that kotatsu -kun bite Tsumri -kun.What was happening at this time?"When Tsumure was drinking water for the cat in the kitchen, the kotatsu came out a little bit. In the end, it was in a state where the neck was chewed like a video ..."--Oops.I just drank the water ... Tsumri -kun, it was sowing painfully."I think it's sweet. I often chase and combine, so I'm often sweetened by the extension. When I started multi -breeding, it's my first time to keep a cat.I was wondering if I should stop or watched, but when I showed a video to the veterinarian and consulted, "Blood comes out, if not, humans should not reach out."It is said that since then I have left it. Even if I work together, I do not avoid each other in my daily life, and I am basically good friends. Many children are intense in other cat videos.So, I wonder if this is the normal cat. I'm used to it now (laughs). However, it seemed like a gesture to eat rather than biting the kotatsu at this time ... cats say it in human beings.I wondered if there was a feeling of cute aggression, so I tried to raise the video. "-The brother and cat are too cute and attacked ...I have heard that there are two things, such as those who are serious, and two things.It seems that Kotatsu -kun and Tsumire -kun's work together is not injured or injured.By the way, what happened to the two after shooting?"After this, both animals fell from the counter and were chasing from the assembly as it was.――When you get done, you'll return (laughs), but you're usually good."Yes, I'm usually close! I'm going to sleep close and gloomy, I'm generally together!" - In addition to such Kotatsukun and Tsumri -kun, the rust cat and former protected cat Renge -chan (6 after birth.It is said that there is a month, female).How about your daily life surrounded by three cats?"I was told that it would not change much if there were two and three cats in the cats, but in my experience, the three animals became about four times. When I sleep at night.Then the athletic meet starts, and there is a rumba in the house, but in the middle of chase, the Rumba switch is pressed and started, and the cat is surprised and blasts (laughs). Dry the dishes in the kitchen.It will be dropped or a toy will be made without a thing on the floor, but instead the cuteness will be 100 times, and it is recent happiness to see three of them sleeping as a dumpling!It's hard, but I'm getting more happiness from cats every day, and I'm really happy to have three animals. "

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