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Cleaning of the store is a disposable mop sheet that fulfills work efficiency and simplicity. Completed Threem Japan Co., Ltd.We will launch a disposable mop sheet "3m (TM) wet disposable mop toilet cleaning floor wall".In recent years, the need for disinfection and cleanliness has increased, and the number of stores and companies that review cleaning work is increasing.In addition, cleaning work takes time and effort, and cleaning work is burdened to employees * 1, and cleaning equipment has been reviewed at major chain stores and convenience stores.Among them, the hygiene management of toilets is very important, but there are many issues that stores and companies have.A survey by Threem Japan Co., Ltd. reveals that about one in about three users of convenience stores and restaurants, where consumers often use toilets, have dissatisfied with the store toilets * 2.rice field.Also, if you are worried about the dirt and smell of the toilet, more than half of respondents will "want to use another store in the same chain in the future" if there is a store nearby.I want to use another chain. "In addition, 44 % of the questions say, "You don't want to shop or eat at the store/want to go home without shopping or eating."While it is necessary to keep the toilet hygienic, the toilet cleaning is a heavy burden for the staff * 1.In the past, tools divided by cleaning parts are often used repeatedly for floor wiping, rags on walls.Using a rag, cleaning up, or cleaning tools such as yarn mop is a very large work.In addition, there is a sense of resistance to the body closer to the filth and the cleaning tools after cleaning, and it is not only the body but also the mental load.In the first place, cleaning work using non -hygienic cleaning tools will further spread dirt, and not only will the effect of cleaning will not be demonstrated, but to move cleaning tools in the store from the perspective of HACCP, which is currently institutionalization.But it is not good for hygiene."3m ™ Wet Disposable Mop Toilet Cleaning Floor Wall" is a water -wiped mop sheet that allows hygienic cleaning at any time because it is a disposable type.The combination of the dedicated mop tool "3mTM E -Multi Cleaning Tool" will increase the efficiency of cleaning work.The two functions, a non -woven fabric with a microfiber, and a liquid absorber, can be cleaned with one piece because it combines dirt and moisture absorption.In addition, since it is a disposable type, there is no time -consuming work, and it is completed simply by throwing it away.And if you use it with a dedicated mop tool, the effect of small holders and multi -joints makes it easy to clean the floor and walls of narrow toilets while standing.Compared to the use of hand wipes and yarn mop, the time and time of cleaning is reduced, which leads to reducing costs in cleaning and reducing employee burden.* 1: According to our hearing and questionnaire survey * 2: Users using 5 convenience stores, 25 major family restaurants and 25 fast food companies in total (n = 2257) * 3: Total of 5 convenience stores, 25 major family restaurants and fast food.Users using 30 companies (N = 512) [Product Features] ・ Single -sided type that can be worked with one piece ・ Non -woven fabric and liquid absorber with a microfiber and liquid absorbers balance both dirt and water absorption.・ Because there is no need to wash the mop in a disposable type, it is possible to work with a sense of hygiene and dirty aspects from the outside, so it can be cleaned.Just put it on, you can immediately wear it by putting the black surface of the "3m ™ wet disposable mop toilet cleaning floor wall" on the black surface and putting the "3m ™ E -Ji Multi Cleaning Tool" from above.* Please use it with "3m ™ E -GMA Cleaning Tool Wet Disposable Mop Kit S" (sold separately).■ Cleaning can be cleaned anywhere, and it can be cleaned efficiently with the compact holder of the "3m ™ E -Multi Cleaning Tool" and the effects of multi -joints that move back and forth and left and right.It is possible to clean the narrow places and the walls and walls, eliminating the need to wipe off.Reduce the burden on workers.■ After use, it is very hygienic because it is a disposable type only to throw away, so there is no need to wash or disinfect the tools.It is also possible to reduce time to reduce the time compared to the conventional cleaning method.Cleaning with traditional yarn mops is indispensable for cleaning and removal of cleaning tools, and eliminates the burden work for employees such as part -time jobs and parts.■ Next time, the bacteria may be attached to the hand by cleaning with unsanitary cleaning tools as long as the new sheet is used, and the entire floor may be spread.Because it is a disposable type, it can be cleaned with a clean sheet every time.You can easily clean hygienic cleaning at any time.[Importance of hygiene management] Even if it is washed with detergent firmly, the dirty mop becomes a hotbed of mold and bacteria.In that respect, if it is a disposable type, it can be replaced every day, so you can thoroughly manage hygiene.[Product Overview] Product name: 3m ™ wet disposable mop toilet Cleaning floor wall material: polyethylene / polyester / pulp / polypropylene / surfactant size(Tax excluding) * Please use it with "3m ™ E -GMA Cleaning Tool Wet Disposable Mop Kit S" (sold separately).Used image video: http: // go.3m.For COM/CWS_CLEANING_RESTROOM "3m ™ Wet Disposable Mop Toilet Cleaning Floor Wall" Inquiries are the Customer Call Center TEL: 0570-012-3883m is a trademark of 3m.The content posted in the press release is information at the time of announcement.Please note that it may differ from the latest information.[About 3m] 3m (Headquarters: Minnesota, USA) uses science (science) in cooperation with customers around the world to enrich the daily lives of people.For more information on creative solutions that 3m are working on to solve global issues, www.3m.comまたはTwitterの@3m、@3mNewsをご覧ください。また、3Mジャパングループについてはwww.3mCompany.Please see JP.Corporate press release to details to PRTIMES


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