Great value for 7 days! Amazon Black Friday is being held ─ 5 recommended gadgets that make life more convenient, such as Fire TV Stick and Roomba

On Amazon, the annual big sale "Amazon Black Friday" will be held for 7 days from 9:00 on Friday, November 26th to 23:59 on Thursday, December 2nd. It's being held. At the sale, you can purchase convenient gadgets that enrich your everyday life, such as Sony's noise-cancelling headphones and the cleaning robot Roomba, at a great price.

If you enter the campaign further, there will be a point-up campaign where you can get up to 10,000 Amazon points, so don't forget to enter. In this article, we will introduce recommended products to make your daily life more comfortable!

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"Fire TV Stick" where you can enjoy Netflix and Amapura on your TV screen

"Fire," a streaming media player that allows you to watch Amazon Prime Video and Netflix on your TV TV Stick". This unit is 50% more powerful than the second generation Fire TV Stick model released in 2017, and can now play full HD videos quickly. Furthermore, by installing HDR and Dolby Atmos, it is possible to realistically express night scenes and the glow of the sun that could not be expressed with previous models.

In addition, an app button has been added to the bottom of the remote control for easy access to DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, etc., eliminating the need to switch apps that previously required screen operations. In addition, since it is compatible with Alexa, it is equipped with functions that are great for those who want to save trouble, such as searching for works by voice and controlling playback.

For those who have been watching videos on the small screens of tablets and smartphones, use this unit to fully enjoy your favorite videos and dramas on the big screen!

Fire TV Stick - Alexa compatible voice recognition remote control (3rd generation) included | Streaming media player

Value 7 days! Amazon Black Friday is being held ─ 5 recommended gadgets that make life more convenient, such as Fire TV Stick and Roomba


"Sony Headphone WH-1000XM3" shuts out outside sounds with high-performance noise canceling

"WH-1000XM3" A wireless headphone that allows you to experience overwhelming concentration on the sound with high-performance noise canceling technology developed independently by. This product is equipped with an "NC Optimizer" that detects individual differences such as hairstyles, presence of glasses, and misalignment when wearing headphones, and realizes optimal noise canceling characteristics according to the wearer. increase.

In addition, on the left and right ear cups that can be operated by touch, all operations such as playing music, adjusting the volume, and changing to the "quick attention mode" that temporarily captures the surrounding sounds can be completed only with the headphones. To do. In addition, the battery, which is a concern when going out, is equipped with an ultra-long battery that can be used continuously for 30 hours even while using noise canceling. Even if you go out for a long time, you can go out without worrying about the battery!

Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones WH-1000XM3¥26,546→¥22,200Amazon

"Irobot Roomba 692" that cleans your room even when you're out

Automatic room cleaning Roomba of iRobot, which can be said to be synonymous with cleaning robots that clean up. "Rumba 692" is a standard model recommended for those who purchase a cleaning robot for the first time, equipped with a Wi-Fi function that allows you to operate the Rumba from a remote location with a special application. This product uses a 3-step cleaning system of "scraping, scraping, and sucking", and it cleans the dirt that even people tend to miss in the corners and walls of the room.

If you use a dedicated app, you can use various convenient functions such as activating Roomba from outside to start cleaning and suggesting cleaning plans that match the season. Also, by setting the daily operation time with the calendar function, it will automatically start cleaning at the set time without having to manually press the switch, so I am happy that the room is always kept clean. hey.

Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum Cleaner WiFi Compatible Alexa Compatible [Limited] ¥29,800→¥22,800Amazon

Those who forget a lot of things don't have to worry about it! "Tile Pro"

Have you ever been frustrated when you can't find your keys or smartphone when you're in a hurry? "Tile Pro" is a smart tracker that is useful at such times. By connecting this product to a smartphone via Bluetooth, it is possible to find out the location of objects such as keys, backpacks, etc. Also, when searching for a smartphone, double-clicking the logo in the center of the main unit will make a sound even in silent mode, and you can find it immediately.

Furthermore, if you lose an item and the item you are looking for is within the Bluetooth range of another Tile user, you will receive a notification on your smartphone, greatly increasing your chances of finding the item you lost. Even if you do not receive a notification notifying you of the location, the app will record the location and time when the connection with the smartphone was last disconnected, so you can consider where you dropped it, and you will not have any clues. It is also attractive to be able to get out of an uneasy state.

Tile Pro (2020) [Compatible with Alexa certified product] ¥ 12,559Amazon

"Anker Nebula Capsule II" that allows you to easily carry a large screen of up to 100 inches

Anker's "Nebula Capsule II" A small mobile projector that can enjoy a large screen of up to 100 inches made smaller than a 500ml can. This product is equipped with an Android TV that allows you to watch YouTube, Netflix, etc., so you can enjoy powerful movies on a large screen even in outdoor scenes such as camping. In addition, since the projector itself has a built-in speaker, it is easy to carry around without the need for other peripherals.

In addition, you can play games using the projector because wired connections are possible with HDMI and USB. When playing a party game with a large group of people, there is no doubt that playing on a large screen that can be expanded to 100 inches will be exciting! It also has an autofocus function that automatically adjusts the focus, so it is recommended that even those who are not used to operating the projector can easily install it.

Anker Nebula Capsule II (World's First Mobile Projector with Android TV) [Small Projector / 200ANSI Lumens / Autofocus Function / 8W Speaker / DLP Equipped / More Than 5000 Types...¥59,800→¥47,840Amazon< hr>

So far, we've introduced five useful gadgets that are on sale on Amazon Black Friday. Amazon's Black Friday will be held for 7 days from 9:00 on Friday, November 26th to 23:59 on Thursday, December 2nd. Don't miss the big sale once a year and get what you want at a great price!

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