"Dyson DC74", which is born in the UK but considers every corner of the Japanese home environment

It was amazing that there was no scene that could not be cleaned or difficult.

This is the story of "Dyson Flaffing Code Les Cleaner DC74".If it changes, the rules will change.Japanese houses have a standard style to take off their shoes at the entrance, but in the UK, many houses enter the room on their feet.In other words, comparing flooring and dirt in the house, there is a big difference between Japan and the United Kingdom.

And Dyson is a British manufacturer.It is a manufacturer that emphasizes the Japanese market since its formation, and even though the product we are developing is looking at the worldwide market, it is easy to think that the benchmark is a British house environment.。

But it's different.The "Dyson Flafecode Ress Cleaner DC74", which was delivered at the time of the announcement, is a vacuum cleaner with a view to the Japanese housing environment floor environment!

As will be described in detail later, it can absorb the most garbage at the same time, from large garbage to small garbage, and boasts a higher gathering than a general corded vacuum cleaner.Of course, it has a traditional characteristics that can be removed from trigger -type switches that do not waste the operation time and allergens such as futons.

Therefore, in order to confirm the ability of "Dyson Flaffing Code Les Cleaner DC74", I have taught Kiku Yano, a housework advisor, about the use of "DC74" to make the general apartment room clean.

"It's light! I had it for the first time today, but I didn't know that it was so light! And the garbage that surpasses a general corded vacuum cleaner is also amazing.You can use it as one of the main because there is no. In this case, you will be willing to clean it without hesitation. If you clean the room on a regular basis, it will be much easier when cleaning. "

画像は「ダイソン フラフィ コードレスクリーナー DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリート」のセット内容。

The Dyson Fluffy Cordless Cleaner DC74 has a standard set "DC74 Motor Head" and "DC74 Motor Head Complete" which comes with more tools.

"I want to choose the best set for that purpose, what kind of place I want to clean."

Let's try it with Gizmodo editor, Waho Home, which is a very common condominium house.

This roller cleaner head is the main feature of the new product "DC74".A fluffy roller made of nylonfeld will suck from large garbage to small garbage that the conventional vacuum cleaners will play.

If you use it for cleaning the floor, from tatami mats and flooring, ordinary carpets, you can choose the soft roller cleaner head.The small steps can be overcome lightly, so you can clean it from the room to the room with a stick style.

A built -in motor in the head has a wide full width roller.The roller that rotates strongly can operate smoothly.


The head part is slim and easy to move because the main parts are placed at hand.Easy to enter the space under the sofa and racks.

If you notice, you can also suck the rice grains that had fallen with a single stroke.

"When the dirt on the floor is noticeable, DC74 will make you want to clean it right away. So I think it's better to keep the soft roller cleaner head on."

"It is also a characteristic of Japanese families that often sit on the floor instead of chairs. The perfect cleaning at this time is a combination of handy style and soft roller cleaner head. Under the table while watching TV, it is now.It's easy to clean the rugs sitting. "

The main dirt on the ceiling and lighting is light dust.Combination brush is recommended to absorb the cloth or lighting cover so that it does not hurt.The trick is to avoid pressing too much."It's a design that has the center of gravity at hand, so it would be nice to reach a high place."

In everyday cleaning, you can clean the air conditioner filter with a combination brush while attaching it to the main unit.If you can clean the air conditioner on a daily basis, you can keep the exhaust from the air conditioner you care about.

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドの場合はコンビネーションブラシでも代用可

"When cleaning, take off the filter and take it to the bathroom or veranda and use a hard brush. If you remove the middle pipe, it is good to become a handicap cleaner easily."

英国生まれだけど日本の家庭環境を隅々まで考えてる「ダイソン DC74」

"Cleaning the ventilation fan such as toilets is good to have an extension hose + hard brush. This combination allows you to clean it accurately in a small place."

A place where the sash, which is the entrance to the outside air, is easy to get dirt.It is best to use a combination brush after removing the intermediate pipe and making it a handy style.I want to clean it regularly because dust and sand are easy to stick together due to the moisture when it rains.

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドの場合はコンビネーションブラシでも代用可

To clean the screen door, a hard brush with hard hair is good.Please note that this head is an item that comes with only "DC74 Motor Head Complete".The combination brush cannot be cleaned, but the efficiency is uneven.It is essential if you want to clean it in a short time.

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドは延長ホースが別途必要

In order to suck while sweeping dust on the curtain surface, you want to combine an extension hose that comes with the "DC74 Motor Head Complete" and a combination of a combination brush.Of course, it is not possible to clean even a handy style that does not use an extension hose, but it is best because an extension hose is easy to reach every corner.

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドは延長ホースが別途必要

"Neighborpors such as the back of TV, which are difficult to get in hand, increase the importance of extension hoses. To avoid hooking and pull out the cable, and to remove dust in the exhausted heat slit such as TV.Let's use a soft combination brush at the end of the hair. "

Surprisingly, the keyboard gap is the place where dust is far beyond imagination.You may be in a fine gap, so use a combination brush that is hard to damage the keyboard on a handy style with high suction efficiency.

"This combination is good when cleaning the garbage that has entered the bottom of the back. If it is a small bag, it may be better to use an extension hose."

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドは延長ホースが別途必要

Extended hose is indispensable for cleaning high positions and overhang.

Similarly, an extension hose is indispensable for door sashes and high places in high places.All places where you can't approach directly from below the presence of the extension hose shines.

"The same is true for range hoods. Like the sash in the window, the dirt around the kitchen is easy to stick, so if you clean it on a regular basis, you can significantly reduce the effort of cleaning."

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドの場合はミニモーターヘッドでも代用可

Pet for fabric!If you suck and clean the futon with a Futon tool that does not miss dirt between the fibers, the mysterious white powder that is surprising, "What is this!"This is the house dust.It's an allergen aggregate.

"Cushions, blankets, and mattresses should be cleaned with a Futon tool. The suction power is quite strong, so let's move the vacuum cleaner while holding down the fabric with one hand."

The left and right width is narrow and compact.And the mini motor head with a motor -driven brush will scrape out from soft materials such as mattresses to fine garbage.It is also effective for sucking hair.It is a good idea to create an environment where mites are difficult to propagate with the habit of sucking allergens and house dust, such as mites and house dust, with a mini motor head.

"The mini motor head is also suitable for cleaning the long hair tips, carpets, and lags. Because it is cordless, it can be carried anywhere, it is convenient for stairs cleaning and inside the car."

The gap nozzle is perfect for the gap between the refrigerator, washing machine, and the cupboard, and the wall.Dyson's cordless cleaner has a slim design with a slim tip, so even if it is a narrow width, it is possible to clean it without any problems.

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドは延長ホースが別途必要

"Waterproof bread in the washing machine is good for a combination of an extension hose that can be moved flexibly and a combination brush that makes it easy to collect garbage with a brush."

※DC74 モーターヘッド コンプリートの場合。DC74 モーターヘッドはハードブラシが別途必要

At the entrance where mudy and sandy dust can easily accumulate, it is recommended to clean with a hard brush because the flooring is hard and solid.It's nice to be able to clean up the stubborn dirt of the entrance, which I didn't think I could clean with a vacuum cleaner.

The "DC74 Motor Head" comes with a soft roller cleaner head, mini motor head, combination brush, and gap nozzle."DC74 Motor Head Complete" has additional extension hoses, hard brushes, and Futon tools.

Knowing how to use efficient tools, the convenience of "DC74 Motor Head Complete" is at the moment.Those who have already purchased "DC74 Motor Head" have a special tool sold separately.

Although it is also sold separately, if you want to enhance the skill of "DC74 motor head" in all directions, in addition to the extension hose, hard brush, and Futon tool, the soft and long -haired soft brush is set.The "tool kit" is the best.Cleaning delicate places such as the display surface will be easier.

Kazumo Kazubo seems to have wanted to clean it with "Dyson Flaffing Cordless Cleaner DC74" immediately.


Sweep with a broom, clean the whole with a canister type, and clean the small and detailed places....Cleaning the futon!And even if you do not have multiple tools, you can clean the entire room with one unit with "Dyson Fluffy Cordless Cleaner DC74".Nooproblem even in Japanese families with large flooring different depending on the room.There is also an advantage that women can handle them easily because they are light because of their ergonomic design.

The operation time is up to 20 minutes, and it is enough to clean Japanese families.Moreover, Dyson's codeless cleaner is a trigger type that can easily control the power supply at hand, so you can use electricity efficiently.If you clean each part of the house every day, you can reduce scenes that require a vacuum cleaner even when cleaning.After all, I really feel that it is a well -developed production.I really saw it.

Source: Dyson Flafty Cordless Cleaner DC74 | Dyson

Special Thanks: Yano Kiku

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