The place to use the pollen countermeasure air purifier in the corona that requires ventilation is the first place in the living room, but the important thing is the entrance

Sales On Demand Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda -ku, Tokyo / President and CEO Hajime Murozaki: Hajime Murozaki, Tokyo: Hajime Murozaki, Tokyo:, 2022, 2022 (Monday) and February 15 (Tuesday), a questionnaire survey on the actual situation of ventilation awareness of corona and pollen for men and women in their 30s and 50s living with children.It was implemented.

◆ Points of survey results

1.Ventilation consciousness increasing due to corona evil, but one in two hesitates to ventilate pollen.

2.There are various scenes that feel pollen in life.Above all, "when washing, when taking in laundry" is 40.Show the top at 7 %.He answered that he felt when he woke up or cleaned.

3.Pollen countermeasures are limited to "living room dining" and "bedrooms and private rooms".

4.The first place where the air purifier is used is "living dining".

5.There are 25 measures for "entrance" that require pollen countermeasures.3 %, only 5 air purifiers are used 5.7 %

According to the survey, there are 60 people who feel that the ventilation awareness of the corona is increasing..7 %の中、花粉時期は換気を躊躇すると答える人が51.To 6 %, one in two people was worried about pollen countermeasures for corona evil that needed ventilation.

I feel pollen in various scenes of life, but I am taking pollen measures "Living Dining: 59.3 % "" bedroom / private room: 45.It turns out that it is limited in "3 %".However, it became a flow line from the outdoors, and the "entrance", which is a place where pollen tends to accumulate, stopped at about 20 %, and it was confirmed that the place to be taken and the place to be taken should be taken.

An air purifier that is effective for pollen countermeasures is often placed in the "living room dining", and there is not enough entrance measures, which are pollen intrusion.

◆ Special pollen countermeasure set only now

Blue Air Official Online Store (Blueair).In JP), as a countermeasure for pollen hidden in various places in the house, Blue Air has two sets of recommended models that are optimal for "living room", "bedroom" and "entrance", and special price of 20%OFF for a limited time.We will sell it.It can be used not only for the main space of living, but also for countermeasures for pollen intrusion routes.

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Sales period: March 5, 2022 (Sat) to March 31, 2022 (Thursday) 23:59

◆ Survey details

1.60 people answered that the ventilation awareness of corona evil has increased.7 %、しかし花粉時期は換気をためらってしまう51.6 %.

2.In the house, he answered that he felt pollen in various life scenes, such as washing, ventilation, or waking up in the morning.

3."Living dining" is 59 where pollen measures are consciously consciously taking measures against pollen.3 %, "bedroom / private room" 45.3 % and nearly half answered.He is conscious of the entrance where pollen tends to accumulate, but is relatively small.

換気が必要なコロナ禍における家の花粉対策 空気清浄機を使う場所1位はリビング、しかし重要なのは玄関

4.The first place where the air purifier is used is "living room dining", and only 5 pollen measures at the entrance are 5..7 %で低い結果に。

◆ Survey overview

Survey period: February 14, 2022 (Monday) to February 15th (Tuesday)

Survey target: Men and women in their 30s and 50s living with children in the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba)

Number of investigators: 300 people

Survey method: Internet survey

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