Amazon Black Friday from 11/26 to 12/2! Thoroughly check sale items and commercial videos!

The year-end big sale “Amazon Black Friday” will be held for 7 days from 9:00 am on Friday, November 26, 2021 to 11:59 pm on Thursday, December 2, 2021. was officially announced. In this article, we will introduce this year's sale & campaign details and some of the sale products announced by Amazon.


  • 5 Up to 10,000 point reduction point up campaign details
  • 6 Stamp rally campaign up to 50,000 points! Details
  • 7 Special gifts to support Japanese small businesses Details
  • 8 Up to 80% off Kindle books Details
  • 9 Kindle Unlimited for 99 yen for 3 months Campaign details
  • 10 Web video produced by Kiko Mizuhara
  • 11 TV commercial featuring Miyazon as a voice actor and making video release
  • Year-end big sale “Amazon” Black Friday” will be held from 11/26 to 12/2!

    The 2021 Amazon Black Friday sale will run for 7 days from Friday, November 26th at 9:00 am to Thursday, December 2nd at 11:59 pm. In previous years, it was held as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and Samiyazon-san's TV commercial making was held, but this year it is unified as "Black Friday" for a total of one week.

    There are many products that you can enjoy “petit luxury” that enrich your daily life, such as fashion, food, and beauty goods that are popular as “rewards to yourself”. Hundreds of thousands of products in a wide range of categories, including Amazon devices, home appliances, home and office supplies, and computer peripherals, will be sold at special prices.

    In addition, a point-up campaign where up to 10,000 points can be returned, a stamp rally campaign that collects stamps using Amazon Prime eligible services, and a campaign that can be used for 99 yen for 3 months for new Kindle Unlimited users. etc. will also be implemented.

    Regarding point up, entry from the campaign page is required, so even if you don't have any plans to purchase it, let's go through the entry below for the time being.

    Entry from the Amazon Black Friday official page

    "Amazon Black Friday" sale overview

    Be sure to use the free price check tool Keepa in preparation for the sale!

    Some of the featured products on sale have been released. The price will be changed to a special price during the Black Friday period.

    However, I have heard that there are many counterfeit special prices, such as last-minute discounts that are disguised as discounts → regular prices, so is it really cheap? It is a good idea to introduce Keepa to check the point and discount amount.

    Keepa is a service that is completely free to use and allows you to easily see price trends graphically. In addition to computers, there are apps that can be used on smartphones as well. Please read the article below for details.

    Pre-announcement information List of sale items

    A large number of products will be reasonably priced during the sale, but Amazon has announced discounts on some products in advance, so we will introduce them below. To do! If you put the above-mentioned Keepa in, how much will it be sold at, looking at the discount amount of the previous sale period? It is easy to predict.

    Echo Show 5 2nd generation is now available at 56% off the regular price. In addition, as introductory products for smart home appliances, SwitchBot switch buttons and Amazon limited rumba will appear at special prices.

    [New model] Echo Show 5 (Echo Show 5) 2nd generation – smart display with Alexa, 2 megapixel camera, charcoal Amazon ¥ 8,980 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:16 Amazon research - details)

    See reviews on Amazon

    SwitchBot SwitchBot Switch Button Finger Robot Smart Home Wireless Timer Remote Control with Smartphone Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, IFTTT, etc. (Hub Required) SwitchBot ¥3,180(2022/03/24 23:47:16) Time point   Amazon research - details)

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    Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum Cleaner iRobot WiFi Compatible Remote Control Automatic Charging Gray R692060 Alexa Compatible [Limited] IRobot ¥29,800 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:17  Amazon research-details)

    On Amazon Look at the review

    Fire TV Stick, which allows you to watch the contents of video distribution services such as Prime Video on your TV, is now available at a special price. There will also be a cat house with scratching for cats, and a children's jungle gym with slides, swings, horizontal bars, and more.

    Fire TV Stick – Alexa-compatible voice recognition remote control (3rd generation) included | Streaming media player Amazon ¥ 4,980 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:17   Amazon research-details)

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    [RAKU] Cat scratcher, cat house, cat tower, cardboard house, scratcher and bed, cat box, double layer, prefabricated, high density cardboard, easy storage, stress relief, ventilation (2 rooms) RAKU¥4,980 (as of 2022/03/24 16:05:16) Amazon research - details)

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    [Amazon Exclusive Brand] Nonaka Seisakusho CATCH Me! Folding Long Slope Kids Park SP Natural (Jungle Gym, Slide, Swing, Horizontal Bar) CATCH Me!

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    LG 48-inch 4K tuner built-in organic EL TV OLED 48CXPJA Alexa installed 2020 model LG ¥ 124,800 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:18   Amazon research-details)

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    popIn Aladdin 2 Pop-in Aladdin Projector Ceiling Light LED Ceiling Light Speaker TV Full HD Home Movie Home Theater Short Focus Smartphone Compatible popIn Aladdin¥94,800 (as of 2022/03/24 16:05:18  Amazon research-details)

    On Amazon See reviews for

    Yogibo Max Yogibo Max Navy Blue [Made to order] Yogibo ¥32,780 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:19 Amazon research - details)

    Amazon Black Friday 11/26-12 Held on /2! Thoroughly check sale items and commercial videos!

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    [Top of Yebisu] Yebisu Meister The Royal Leaf Special Bottle [750ml x 6 bottles] [Gift Box] Yebisu Beer

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    Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones WH-1000XM3: LDAC/Amazon Alexa Equipped/Bluetooth/High Resolution Up to 30 Hours of Continuous Playback Closed Type with Microphone 2018 Model 360 Reality Audio Certified Model Black WH-1000XM3 BM Sony (SONY) ¥27,200 (2022/ As of 03/24 16:05:19   Amazon research - details)

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    [NEW model] Kindle Paperwhite (8GB) 6.8-inch display with color tone adjustment light Ads included Amazon¥14,980 (as of 2022/03/25 01:29:14 - Amazon research-details)

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    Gtracing Gaming Chair with Ottoman Office Chair Desk Chair Retractable Footrest Height Adjustment Reclining Rocking Adjustable Lumbar Support GT901BLACKGTRACING¥23,800 (as of 2022/03/24 16:05:19  Amazon research-details)

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    Alesis Electronic Drum Mesh Head, 8 Pieces, 3 Cymbals, 385 Sound Sources, 60 Demo Songs, Drumsticks, Chairs, Headphones, Japanese Instruction Manual Nitro Mesh Kit BundleAlesis ¥51,167 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:19  Amazon research-details)

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    HP Gaming Desktop PC Intel Core i7 NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti Memory 16GB Windows10 Pro OMEN by HP 25L Desktop (Model Number: 33T43AA-AAAA) Hewlett-Packard (HP)

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    LEGO Ideas Captain Redbeard's Pirate Island 21322LEGO ¥31,500 (as of 2022/03/24 16:05:21 Amazon research-details)

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    [Reebok] Sneaker Instapump Fury OG EGY49 Men's Black/White (DV6985) 26 cmReebok ¥14,850 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:20  Amazon research-details)

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    Body care products at home, such as the popular complete nutritional food BASE BREAD and Suntory All Free, which reduces visceral fat, are now available. Also, popular fitness brand Yes for All on Amazon US will be appearing on Black Friday for the first time.

    BASE BREAD 4 types of base bread (4 bags of plain, 4 bags of chocolate, 4 bags of maple, 4 bags of cinnamon) 16 bag set complete food complete nutritional food dietary fiber base food ¥ 4,080 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:21 Amazon Research-details)

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    [Reduce visceral fat] Think about your body All-free [Non-alcoholic 350ml x 24 bottles] All-free ¥2,545 (as of 2022/03/24 16:05:21 Amazon research-details)

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    Yes4All dumbbell neoprene processing dark blue 2.7kg 2 pieces DOHL Yes4All ¥2,582 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:21 Amazon research-details)

    Review on Amazon look

    Products that enhance the kitchen are on sale, such as Tefal's electric pressure cooker that can be used for low-temperature cooking and fermentation cooking, and Sharp's steam oven range that can be used for making bread at home. In addition, the submarine wine SUBRINA, which has been aged on the bottom of the sea, will also be available at a special price.

    Tefal Electric Pressure Cooker Pressure Cooker Rakula Cooker Compact Black Pressure Steaming Simmering Frying Low Temperature Rice Cooking Heat Retention Reheating Time Saving Recipe Ditching Cooking CY3508JP T-fal (T-fal) ¥13,077 (as of 2022/03/24 16:05:22 Amazon research-details)

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    Sharp Steam Microwave Oven Helsio 30L Convection 2-Stage Cooking Red Black AX-XJ600R Sharp (SHARP) ¥43,000 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:22 Amazon research-details)

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    Undersea aged wine – SUBRINA (with wrapping, sommelier knife, gift box 2019 ACT3) Sabrina Red Syrah full body 750ml undersea aged wine SUBRINA¥15,500 (as of 2022/03/24 16:06:47 Amazon research- Details)

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    [Entry Model] DeLonghi Fully Automatic Coffee Maker Magnifica S Milk Frothing: Manual Black ECAM22112BDeLonghi (DeLonghi) ¥63,800 (as of 2022/03/24 05:48:08  Amazon research-details)

    Review on Amazon look

    Skin care has become more important than ever as we spend more time at home. Special prices for beauty products such as Mimura serum. In addition, products such as Tatras down coats and LOOK by BEAMS mini sweatshirts, a joint brand between Amazon and BEAMS mini, will be released one after another.

    MIMURA Human Stem Cell Culture Liquid Essence Aging Care Cosmetics hitogata Skin Serum Wrinkles Sagging Elasticity Human Stem Cells 32mL Made in Japan Mimura (MIMURA) ¥16,500 (as of 2022/03/24 16:06:48 Amazon research-details)

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    [Tatras] Down Coat [Genuine Product] SARMA Women's Orange 1 TATRAS ¥116,600 (as of 2022/03/24 16:05:23 Amazon research-details)

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    [Look by BEAMS Mini] Sweatshirt Pullover Logo Graphic Kids Yellow 110LOOK by BEAMS mini

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    SALONIA Saronia Speedy Ion Dryer Black Large Airflow Quick Dry Minus In Folding Type SALONIA ¥4,527 (as of 2022/03/24 17:47:12 Amazon research-details)

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    [Limited] Philips Electric Toothbrush Diamond Clean Deep Clean Edition 2-pack HX9399/17Philips (Philips) ¥25,000 (as of 2022/03/24 23:47:23  Amazon research-details)

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    [Limited] Philips Men's Women's Hikari Epilator Lumea Advanced Attachment with 2 pieces (for face and body) Hikari Beauty Device with Pouch AC Type Champagne Gold/White SC1997/70Philips ¥48,500 (2022/03/24 23:47) : 23 points   Amazon research - details)

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    Up to 50% off sale on Amazon Life and Valor!

    Feast ingredients such as Japanese black beef tenderloin, raw bluefin tuna large tuna, and domestic organic vegetable set are 50% off. In addition, it seems that a wide range of food and daily necessities will be up to 50% off. Below is an example.

    [Frozen] Japanese black beef tenderloin 200g (for steak) Matsuzaka Maruyoshi

    See Amazon review

    Frozen Domestic Raw Bluefin Tuna (Farmed) Otoro Saku 180g Magurodokoro Ichijo

    See reviews on Amazon

    Domestic Tokyo Organic Organic Vegetables Omakase Set M 1 bag 1000g

    See Amazon review

    Up to 10,000 points reduction Point-up campaign details

    A point-up campaign will be implemented in which up to 10,000 Amazon points can be returned.

    You can earn up to 10,000 Amazon points by entering the campaign page during the entry period and purchasing a total of 10,000 yen (tax included) or more during the shopping period. Points can be redeemed for items other than sale items.

    Amazon Up to 10,000 points reduction To the point-up campaign entry page , up to 8%. * Up to 8.5% for former Amazon Mastercard Gold (Prime members). Includes standard redemption rate for Amazon Mastercard.

    Stamp rally campaign up to 50,000 points! Details

    If you collect stamps that can be obtained by using Amazon Prime eligible services during the period and apply, 1 out of 10 people will win up to 50,000 Amazon points by lottery.

    Amazon stamp rally campaign up to 50,000 points! Stamp details page

    Support gift for Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises Details

    From November 19, 2021 (Friday) to January 6, 2022 (Thursday), “Support Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises” Opened a gift special feature.

    Gift products for the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as selected products from sellers who won the “Seller Award 2021” at the Amazon EC Summit 2021 held in October this year.

    In addition, sale products with discount coupons of 5% or more will also appear.

    Amazon Japanese Small and Medium Enterprise Support Gift Feature Details Page

    Up to 80% OFF Kindle Book Campaign Details

    Some Kindle books such as novels, business books, and manga are up to 80% off during the period You can buy it. Also, in connection with Black Friday, some target Kindle books will be priced at 96 yen, which is "black".

    Amazon Black Friday Up to 80% OFF Kindle book campaign details page

    Kindle Unlimited 99 yen for 3 months campaign details

    If you sign up for Kindle Unlimited during the period, you can get 99 yen for the first 3 months Available in

    Kindle Unlimited 99 yen for 3 months campaign details page

    *After 3 months of using the new Kindle Unlimited campaign, it will be automatically renewed at 980 yen per month. * The contents of sales and campaigns, and the target products are subject to change without notice.

    Web video produced by Kiko Mizuhara

    The web video "Amazon Black Friday Self-Gift Edition" by Kiko Mizuhara, an actress and fashion model who loves art at Amazon Lover, will be released on November 19, 2021 ( It was released on Friday) on Mizuhara's official Instagram and Twitter.

  • TV commercial featuring Miyazon-san as a voice actor and making-of video release

    Comedy duo ANZEN manzai Miyazon-san voices AmazonBox A TV commercial video that will appear as and a making video that includes an impromptu “reward song for yourself” will be released on Friday, November 19, 2021 on Amazon’s official YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Amazon gift certificate charge type (direct balance added to account) ¥2,000 (As of 2022/03/24 16:05:25 Amazon research-details)

    See reviews on Amazon

    Amazon Gift Certificate Envelope Type – 3,000 Yen (Mini Size – Navy)Amazon Gift Certificate

    See reviews on Amazon

    Amazon gift certificate box type – variable (animal) Amazon gift certificate ¥ 5,000 (as of 2022/03/24 23:48:57   Amazon research - details)

    See reviews on Amazon