Robot cooking pizza store, a robot cooking pizza store that is handled by SPACEX, opened in 2022

Stellar Pizza, a mobile pizza store using a robot, will be open in Los Angeles, a hub of emerging technology, in the spring of 2022.There was an idea before combining pizza cooked by robots and mobile delivery, but at that time it was a lot of results.Will it work this time?

It may work, but the timing will be the key.It is often the case that entering as soon as possible is not always advantageous.Zume Pizza, who was once reported to have reached more than $ 2 billion, realized this and abolished the robot pizza business in early 2020 and fired more than 100 employees.

However, ZUME's strong ambition, which aims to be a logistics company that pursues efficiency, has led to a burn rate (funded burning rate) of over $ 10 million per day (about 1.13 billion yen). Companies and popular stores have a cautious approach by developing the pizza business using technology, and due to the environment after the pandemics of the new Corona, the Quick Service Industries will take advantage of the entrance. I have to change it. Not only developing companies such as PiESTRO, which handle pizza vending machines for cooking and cooking, but also major chains in the industry, such as Little Caesars, which have recently obtained patents for pizza cooking robots. Basil Street also offers military bases, corporate offices, universities, hospitals, and new airports in the United States.


The latest case is the opening of a mobile pizza restaurant by Stellar Pizza.The company was founded by SpaceX engineer BENSON TSAI and served as the CEO.The engineering team is also from SPACEX, and Ted Cizma, who was the director of Executive Chef and Cooking Service in SpaceX, participated in the recipe.

The company aims to revolutionize pizza production and delivery with the latest technology and state -of -the -art robot.Stellar Pizza bake one pizza in a new pizza machine in less than 5 minutes.By using multiple machines, you can cook at one pace in 45 seconds.The robot is loaded on a food truck, and it can provide a large amount of delicious fresh pizza at a steady pace than existing stores.

The business model is not much different from ZUME, but Zume's ambition has led to the company's ruin.ZUME has raised $ 375 million from SoftBank Vision Fund, and has begun to expand its scale using wonderful technology without a realistic business plan.The company has not been able to take advantage of the food delivery industry, which can be said to be the largest since the waterproof coating paper was made, or global pandemic.Pandemic has suddenly reduced the opportunity to meet and dine with people around the world for a long time, and consumers have become stuck in having a sterilized diet.

A robot appears there.The developer changed his idea 180 degrees.It would not have been a while ago that the burger manufacturing robot "FLIPPY", which quickly entered the field of automatic food manufacturing machines, would actually spread.It is limited to small test cases because of the early stage, but the autonomous mobile robot that carries salad manufacturing machines and take -out foods has now become a reality.

The pizza made of Stellar's robot starts with fresh pizza dough, pushing it out and shaped into a round pizza craft.Then put a special sauce and a fresh topping.Finally, put this raw fabric in one of the four custom design ovens that heated hot temperature and bake it.In other words, we do the same work as humans make pizza, and there is no particular anxiety factor.

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