30 consecutive shots aimed at Ryo Saeba. Will a powerful sweeper appear?

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Aniplex and KAYAC's iOS/Android app "Cross x Logos" is holding a collaboration event with "City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes the Movie".

I want Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura as collaboration symbols! "So, let's take on the challenge of 30!"

Are Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura strong in the first place?

Ryo Saeba has high firepower and can increase the attack power of your deck by 20%! As a characteristic, the damage addition rate based on the number of chains is increased by 30%, and the fact that you can aim for a large amount of damage is attractive.

Ryo Saeba aiming for 30 consecutive shots. Will a masterful sweeper appear?

On the other hand, Kaori Makimura is unique in that she can destroy up to 4 enemy squares with her special move, the Punishment Hammer.

This is also a special symbol that increases the damage addition rate by 30% depending on the number of characters, making it a reliable symbol. I want both!

Ryo Saeba & Kaori Makimura 30 times in a row!

So let's summon!

Ah? "Suddenly welcome Kaori Makimura!"

Well, this is the triumph of love, isn't it? We are delighted to welcome the collaboration symbol! "I will continue!"

...The first was the climax orz  The 20th and 30th series didn't give 5 stars, so in the end it was a good balance.

Anyway, Kaoru Makimura is also pretty strong, so I'm going to put together a deck with the "*4 Saeko Nogami" that I get as a login bonus and do my best in the collaboration event!

Bonus: 30 consecutive symbols

The symbols of "Cross x Logos" use a lot of illustrations with a strong presence that I like. As a bonus, I will send you an illustration of a symbol that I am interested in!

(C) Aniplex Inc. / KAYAC Inc. All Rights Reserved.(C) Tsukasa Hojo/NSP, "2019 Theatrical City Hunter" Production Committee

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