[Storage professional is recommended!] 7 selections that can be used in various ways

Once you have a home, your life will go around.

Photo / Nobuki Hunda (FORT)


《毎日が忙しくて、片づけも家事も手が回らない……そんなあなたへ》食事づくりや掃除、洗濯。毎日、やるべきことはてんこ盛り。そんな「時間がない!」と思っている人こそ、まずは住まいを整えてみるのがオススメ!片づけが苦手な人は冷蔵庫の「つくり置き」をやめるべき。 その理由は?Instagramでフォロワー約24万人!2児の子持ち&フルタイムで働きながら、整理整頓アドバイザーとして活躍するえりさんの著書『心地よく暮らす片づけ・収納』から、おうち時間を快適にする“整理収納のコツ”をご紹介します。家事ラク&時短を叶えるえりさん提案の整理収納方法は、子育て家庭でもすぐに取り入れられるものばかりなので、ぜひ参考にしてみてください♪

Classic cleaning item in my home.

Photo / Nobuki Hunda (FORT)

This is my only detergent. Use a variety of detergents that can be used and natural materials. This is the only detergent at home. The type is used as a detergent that can be used together. Previously, I bought a lot of special detergents, such as toilets and baths, and I was in trouble with places to go. In this way, it is easy to grasp each inventory. ◆ Put in the baking soda microwave with water and chin. The inside of the warehouse is filled with baking soda water with water vapor, and dirt floats, so it is easy to clean. ◆ Dissolve in citric acid water and use it as citric acid water. It is often used to clean the scale, so put it in a kettle and boil it to clean the kettle and clean the air purifier. ◆ Utamaro Cleaner Even if you use it with bare hands, it does not get rough, but the dirt removes well. It can be used for various stubborn dirt such as flooring, toilet cleaning, and gitogito oil. ◆ These are the sunsan ponzo dishwashing and bath cleaning. Use small pieces of small dishes. It is also compressed when stored, and it is also a space saving. ◆ Pastrise dining table, IH, top plate, mirror, etc. are beautiful and beautiful. It is the most frequently used detergent in my home. ◆ Kitchen foam highter It is used for cleaning the drain every night. The tea astringency and water bottle of the cup are sprayed to keep the beauty by spraying them when they notice. ◆ Put the lid and bath ice of the oxyclean bathtub in the bathtub and pickle it beautifully. The dirt is removed well and the supplies are always clean.